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SE Capital Consulting Engagement Testimonial

SE Capital Consulting EngagementSE Capital focuses on a variety of private investment transactions across a broad range of commercial and government markets. Each of our past investments has occurred in connection with a management-supported buyout. Aligning our interests with management is a vital component of SE Capital's investment philosophy. Targeted investments typically include companies with annual revenues from $5 million to $50 million.

The Assignment & Results ...

The SE Capital consulting engagement initially focused on creating presentation and deal materials for SE Capital's potential fundraise. After building out the presentation and data room for this process, Cordes Consulting worked on evaluating potential investment themes of interest and potential opportunities (inbound deal flow) and also prospecting (outbound) for deal generation.


What does SE Capital think of Cordes Consulting skills and knowledge base?

"Cordes Consulting provided strategic consulting services and immediately fit in like an active team member. They worked quickly and efficiently and tackled every obstacle in what ultimately became a complex project. We would highly recommend their services to anyone considering the use of a consultant for any sort of financial engagement."

Paul Mulvaney, SE Capital, Principal
Gerber Technology Consulting Engagement Testimonial

Gerber Software, a subsidiary of Gerber Technology, is a provider of product lifecycle management software for the fashion and apparel industry and many other industry markets. Their customer base is 78,000 strong, with 65% of their business in 130 countries. They are an industry leader in almost every market they serve.


The Assignment & Results ...

The Gerber Technology consulting engagement focused on evaluating a potential shift from a perpetual license sales model to a subscription-based sales model. To support this effort, Gerber was looking for an experienced SaaS financial consultant with significant expertise in this transitory process and turned to Cordes Consulting for support. This complex assignment required the build out of a strategic plan and financial model covering the transition process. Particular emphasis was placed on the revenue mix as the legacy maintenance revenue stream slowly converted to recurring subscription revenue.


Gerber Technology consulting engagement -- What does Gerber Technology think of Cordes Consulting skills and SaaS business knowledge?


We brought in Cordes Consulting to help us transition from a legacy perpetual license sales model to a subscription sales model given their expertise within SaaS. Will and the Cordes Consulting team proved to be very knowledgeable of the space and worked hand-in-hand with our team every step of the way. Cordes Consulting would be an asset to any software business in need of financial and business modeling services.


Karsten Newbury, Gerber Technology, SVP and GM
eSub Consulting Engagement Testimonial

eSub is an award winning Software-as-a-Service business focusing on "cloud-based project management, time card management and corporate management for commercial subcontractors. With eSUB's Construction software application you create paperless projects that can be managed from any device."

The Assignment & Results ...

The eSub consulting engagement turned to Cordes Consulting for expertise and leadership to help prepare and position the company for a critical Series A fundraising effort. eSUB augmented their internal expertise with additional CFO resources from Cordes Consulting to develop a robust SaaS financial model to more accurately monitor cash flow, capture Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data to efficiently track KPIs, and build out a structure to support fundraising efforts. With all of the tracking and data improvement work completed, Cordes Consulting led the internal due diligence process for eSUB’s successful Series A fundraise. Cordes Consulting continues to actively work with eSUB to this day.


eSub consulting engagement -- What does eSub think of Cordes Consulting skills and SaaS business knowledge?


We were in the market for a fractional CFO to help us build a financial model and prepare us for a potential fundraise, but had difficulty locating someone with a strong SaaS background. Eventually, we teamed with Cordes Consulting and were immediately impressed with their experience and knowledge. Cordes Consulting quickly generated a complete financial model and acted as the internal finance lead on our $5 million Series A fundraise from Revolution Ventures. To this day, Cordes Consulting continues to be a key resource for our company. Their impact on our business has been profound.

Benny Baltrotsky, eSUB Construction, CSO
SmartAlto Consulting Engagement Testimonial

SmartAlto is a Software-as-a Service business that provides AI based support to real estate professionals by using a text messaging robot that responds to real estate leads 24/7. The service uses artificial intelligence to deliver highly personalized, real-time client engagement at a significantly lower cost.

The Assignment & Results ...

The SmartAlto consulting engagement provided management with a financial model of the business, future projections, and cash flow requirements needed to present the business opportunity towards the end of the Y Combinator program to potential investors.


What does SmartAlto think of Cordes Consulting?

"I'd highly recommend Will for your financial modeling and consulting needs.  While participating in Y Combinator, we needed help building a financial model and we came across Will's website.  Will is very knowledgeable and super responsive.  We look forward to partnering with Will on future projects."


Wayne Anderson, SmartAlto Founder & CPO