Our Work

Our Work

Successful client engagements are the cornerstone of our business. We focus on opportunities where the depth of our financial knowledge and experience can materially help a client improve their business. 

With over 40 successful client engagements completed, we invite you to learn more about how Cordes Consulting is "making a difference."

Key Project Case Studies

RightSmith Consulting Project
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Results We Have Achieved

Outsourced CFO Services Key to Completing $5MM Series A Fundraise

Cordes Consulting provided expertise and leadership to help prepare and position the company for a critical Series A fundraising effort. Cordes Consulting initially developed a robust SaaS financial model to more accurately monitor cash flow, capture Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data to efficiently track KPIs, and build out a financial structure to support fundraising efforts. With all of the tracking and data improvement work completed, Cordes Consulting led the internal due diligence process for a successful Series A fundraise.

Outsourced CFO Services Provide Key Fundraising Knowledge

Cordes Consulting quickly filled the CFO role and utilized a customized financial model and KPI dashboard, to evaluate various operating strategies of the business and provide potential investors with insights into financial projections including cash flow, valuations, and operating performance.

SaaS Financial Model was Critical to Evaluating Acquisition Candidates

The SaaS Financial Model provided RightSmith with visibility into their current financial performance and allowed management to test various operating strategies incorporating financial projections from potential acquisition targets. Particular attention was paid to future projections, valuations, and the impact on cash flow. RightSmith completed the acquisition of Framepool in 2017.

SaaS Financial Model Used to Support Successful Series B Fundraise

Generated SaaS Financial Model which provided visibility into Geofeedia’s current performance and insights into sales and marketing issues. Geofeedia used this information to position the company for a successful Series B Fundraise.

Change from Perpetual License to Subscription Business Strategy

The consulting engagement focused on evaluating the impact of shifting to a subscription based sales model, from a traditional perpetual license sales model, . This complex assignment required the build out of a strategic plan and financial model covering the transition process. Particular emphasis was placed on the revenue mix as the legacy maintenance revenue stream slowly converted to recurring subscription revenue.

Robust 5-year Plan to Achieve Growth Objectives

The consulting engagement initially focused on developing a full SaaS financial model of the business (financial projections, headcount build-up, valuation module, revenue build, three-statement financial model, LTV & CAC analysis, etc.). Subsequent efforts concentrated on a “deep dive” into the Sales & Marketing organization and strengthening the marketing and lead funnel analysis. The objective is to build out variables that affect 5-year projections as accurately as possible, and develop a robust 5-year business plan for achieving growth objectives.

SaaS Modeling Key to Evaluating Partnership and Pricing Scenarios

The consulting engagement provided Geekatoo’s management team with needed help to build out financial projections, model different financial scenarios, and develop strategic plans for future fundraising rounds. As we worked through the financial projection exercise, we realized how crucial future partnerships were to the business model and focused on modeling realistic partnership and pricing scenarios. Management was able to develop a better understanding of different growth and capital strategies, and their impact on the business metrics.

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