SmartAlto Consulting Project — Case Study

SmartAlto Consulting Project -- Case Study

SmartAlto is a SaaS company that provides an artificial intelligence (AI) based app, equivalent to a personal assistant for real estate professionals, that interacts with potential clients 24/7. Clients inquiring about a property can immediately begin a dialogue with the personal assistant app and provide current information to the client or take action such as booking a tour.

The Problem?

SmartAlto, a real estate management SaaS platform, had recently been accepted into the latest Y-Combinator class, but had a very lean team of 3 employees during this accelerator phase. In order to successfully take advantage of the 3 month "accelerator" opportunity, SmartAlto needed to augment their team with financial knowledge and expertise that could quickly develop a fully integrated financial model of the business opportunity as it was unfolding. In addition, they needed expertise to develop and help evaluate fundraising strategies, as well as leverage the fundraising opportunities that Y-Combinator affords its participants.

Why Did They Approach Cordes Consulting?

Cordes Consulting completes SmartAlto consulting projectSmartAlto was searching for software-focused outsourced CFO services and approached Cordes Consulting as they looked for help building a fully-integrated financial and operating model and general guidance around fundraising strategy and timing. Cordes Consulting has developed hundreds of SaaS financial models for start-ups just like SmartAlto, and has completed 15 debt, equity, and M&A transactions as well as 20+ investments as an angel investor. Cordes Consulting's knowledge and experience was a perfect fit for SmartAlto.

What Did Cordes Consulting Deliver?

Cordes Consulting quickly provided a customized financial model and KPI dashboard, along with general training on how to modify and update model parameters. The model was used to evaluate various operating strategies of the business and provide potential investors with insights into financial projections including cash flow, valuations, and operating performance.

What were the Results?

The SmartAlto consulting effort contributed to SmartAlto successfully completing the Y-Combinator program. They are actively fundraising at this point in time and continue to work with Cordes Consulting as the business operates in hyper-growth mode. To learn more about what Mr. Hassan Riggs, SmartAlto's CEO, is doing in the real estate market visit "A new face, name and technology on the real estate market: Meet Hassan Riggs."

What does SmartAlto think of Cordes Consulting?

"I'd highly recommend Will for your financial modeling and consulting needs.  While participating in Y Combinator, we needed help building a financial model and we came across Will's website.  Will is very knowledgeable and super responsive.  We look forward to partnering with Will on future projects."  -- Wayne AndersonSmartAlto Founder & CPO

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