Geofeedia Consulting Project — Case Study

Geofeedia Consulting Project -- Case Study

Cordes Consulting completes Geofeedia consulting effort"Geofeedia is the market leader in location-based social media monitoring, intelligence and analysis for corporate security, public safety, media and journalism, and marketing teams. Its patented platform enables organizations to derive social intelligence from specific geographic locations to understand, in real-time, what’s happening within the areas, which are most important to them."

The Business Problem?

Geofeedia was looking to support their growing business by bringing on an outside group to build out FP&A reporting for their business. They needed to augment their internal resources and expertise as they didn't have the capacity to handle that work with their full-time staff. In addition, Geofeedia was looking for an experienced financial resource to help prepare and position the company for a critical $17 million Series B fundraising effort.

Why Did Geofeedia Approach Cordes Consulting?

Geofeedia began working with Cordes Consulting after recognizing our software domain expertise from our prior operational and financial project experience and wanted to use that experience to quickly scale financial reporting within their growing business. After working on building out and implementing FP&A and board-level reporting, Geofeedia turned to Cordes Consulting for additional work improving operational gaps and supplementing the company's strong growth.

What Did Cordes Consulting Deliver?

Cordes ConsultingCordes Consulting provided a variety of financial models for the business and continued to actively support the business on other financially and operationally-focused initiatives. The model provided Geofeedia with visibility into their current financial performance and provided valuable insight around sales and marketing performance.

Cordes Consulting quickly built out a financial model and a large portfolio of financial reports, primarily for board meetings and key management review.

These reports included:
-General KPI Dashboard
-Product Engagement Tracking
-Product Engagement Cohort Analysis
-Sales Rep Performance
-Overall Sales Performance
-Renewal Performance & Analysis
-Pipeline Coverage
-Pipeline Velocity
-Employee Overview & Turnover Analysis
-Marketing Spend & Lead Analysis
-ARR Bridge

What were the results of the Geofeedia consulting engagement?

The first phase of the Geofeedia consulting engagement completed with the delivery of the associated business model and extensive financial reports. Management and the Board of Directors used this information to begin the effort of positioning the company for a successful $17 MM Series B fundraising effort.


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