SaaS Fundraising & Transaction Support

SaaS Fundraising & Transaction Support

SaaS Fundraising and Transaction Support

At some point in time, every SaaS business goes through a phase of significant growth requiring a SaaS fundraising effort. For some entrepreneurs, the decision is made to avoid raising external equity or debt capital and to support growth through bootstrapping. We typically see most businesses opt for pursuing some sort of fundraising process in order to accelerate growth within hiring for Research & Development and Sales & Marketing, increase digital marketing spend or a host of other potential uses.

How can Cordes Consulting help you with SaaS fundraising and transaction support?

Cordes Consulting provides support for every stage of a SaaS fundraising process. Before raising, we tend to help companies pull together their financial models, build out potential data room materials and make introductions to potential investors and/or venture debt firms. During an active fundraise, we have acted as the internal point person throughout the due diligence process and provide critical support to ensure a successful process. After a typical fundraising process, we work on aligning all growth projections account for this capital infusion and spend significant time working through hiring road maps. Our goal is to be a helpful hand with significant experience in the trenches. Many times, entrepreneurs will let budgetary concerns slip a bit and cash will get burned at a higher pace, so keeping a mindful eye on this is critical as we look to continue operating the business as efficiently as possible.

Highlights of SaaS fundraising and transaction support engagements we have completed
Seed Funding - Smart Alto Case Study

Smart Alto sought the help of Cordes Consulting to help prepare Smart Alto to secure seed funding. Cordes Consulting quickly provided a customized financial model and KPI dashboard, which was used to evaluate various operating strategies of the business and provide potential investors with insights into financial projections including cash flow, valuations, and performance. Smart Alto is actively fundraising and continues to work with Cordes Consulting.


Series A Fundraising - eSub Case Study

eSub turned to Cordes Consulting for expertise and leadership to help prepare and position the company for a critical $5 MM Series A fundraising effort. Cordes Consulting developed a robust SaaS financial model to more accurately monitor cash flow, capture Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data, and build out a financial structure to support fundraising efforts. Cordes Consulting led the internal due diligence effort for eSub's successful $5 MM Series A fundraise.


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Series B Fundraising - Geofeedia Case Study

Geofeedia was looking for an experienced financial resource to help prepare and position the company for a critical $17 million Series B fundraising effort. Cordes Consulting quickly built out a financial model and a large portfolio of financial reports, primarily for board meetings and key management review. The business model and extensive financial reports were used to position the company for a successful $17 MM Series B fundraising effort.


What sets us apart?

Will Cordes SaaS Fundraising ConsultantWe have been in the trenches for SaaS fundraising situations countless times and are prepared to help you get through this process as quickly as possible. Few, if any, have the ability to offer these services on flexible project basis, so we are typically able to offer highly competitive and uniquely tailored pricing. If this is your first time raising capital or you are looking for additional, "battle-tested" support, you have come to the right place. We know what to do and how to do it. We want our clients to be able to sleep at night with a clear mind and most importantly, plenty of runway and a large cash balance to run your business without liquidity concerns.

Our Customer Testimonials Highlight the Skills, Knowledge, and Accomplishments
Cordes Consulting Brings to Every SaaS Fundraising Engagement.
See what customers say about Cordes Consulting SaaS fundraising efforts ...

Extremely thankful to have expert help …

Cordes Consulting provides expert help to Geekatoo

Will has helped us in a variety of ways, from defining alternate business strategies and modeling their business impact, to providing needed information to support additional capital funding. We knew from the beginning that we were in good company with the questions he asked us about our business. Since he’s invested, he’s offered to help us many times, including how to think about future valuation and the components that make this up. As we move into our Series A territory, I’m extremely thankful we have Will’s expert help with us to navigate the process and ensure we’re on the right track.

Kevin Davis, CEO

Extraordinarily responsive and repeatedly took the initiative …

I worked with Will on a complex transaction with evolving regulatory requirements, higher than normal leverage and a tight timeline.  Will worked extraordinarily hard to get up to speed with the industry and the multiple anomalies in the deal.  He was extraordinarily responsive and repeatedly took the initiative to prepare client documents before I asked for them.  I would hire Will again in a heartbeat.

Tom Fencl, Managing Partner
Wisper Ventures

Very knowledgeable and responsive …

I would highly recommend Will for your financial modeling and consulting needs.  While participating in Y Combinator, we needed help building a financial model and we came across Will’s website.  Will is very knowledgeable and super responsive.  We look forward to partnering with Will on future projects.


Wayne Anderson, Founder & CPO

Experts in transitioning to a subscription sales model …

We brought in Cordes Consulting to help us transition from a legacy perpetual license sales model to a subscription sales model given their expertise within SaaS. Will and the Cordes Consulting team proved to be very knowledgeable of the space and worked hand-in-hand with our team every step of the way. Cordes Consulting would be an asset to any software business in need of financial and business modeling services.

Karsten Newbury, SVP and GM
Gerber Technology

Immediately impressed with their experience and knowledge …

We were in the market for a fractional CFO to help us build a financial model and prepare us for a potential fundraise, but had difficulty locating someone with a strong SaaS background. Eventually, we teamed with Cordes Consulting and were immediately impressed with their experience and knowledge. Cordes Consulting quickly generated a complete financial model and acted as the internal finance lead on our $5 million Series A fundraise.

Benny Baltrotsky, CSO
eSUB Construction

Efficiently created presentation and deal materials for fundraise …

Cordes Consulting provided strategic consulting services and immediately fit in like an active team member. They worked quickly and efficiently and tackled every obstacle in what ultimately became a complex project. We would highly recommend their services to anyone considering the use of a consultant for any sort of financial engagement.

Paul Mulvaney, Principal
SE Capital

How can we help you?

Questions? Feel free to reach out about any potential opportunity, project, or investment opportunity. We are always willing to help.

If you are a SaaS or software focused business looking for SaaS fundraising and transaction support, look no further. We are experts in SaaS financial consulting and focus exclusively on this area. We are responsive to your project timeline and can provide consulting services that produce results.

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Cordes Consulting is a Chicago based consulting firm specializing in financial services for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and emerging technology businesses. We offer free initial consultations to evaluate how we can help you. If you would like to discuss a potential consulting assignment, or just have a question about our business we are always available to help you.

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